Thursday, February 3, 2011

Illustration Friday - Surrender

After a lot of deep thought I decided to participate in Illustration Friday with this illustration of "Surrender". Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and luckily I am cancer free today. This illustration came from trying to make sense of the diagnosis and deal with it in a way I wouldn't see myself as a victim. Until recently it's not been easy to talk about. Being a sensitive person, I easily could perceive people feeling very awkward and uncomfortable when they found out. The reality of the "Big C" was that I have experienced these "good things" from such a bad thing. I wanted to focus on what is good and what has come about as goodness. My faith has been strengthened to such a degree it wasn't before. Even though I thought I was healthy, after my diagnosis I've ramped up my healthy eating habits, stress management and exercise. I know that I am lucky to be a survivor and I am ever so grateful for these blessings.