Tuesday, July 29, 2008

21 Day Challenge - Day 1

I'm joining the 21 Day Challenge even THOUGH I am couple of months late! I was inspired by my friend Deb completing the challenge. Her challenge was inspired by Chickengirl's challenge. Also check out Gina Perry who began the challenge. I'll post a new sketch each day so check back to see my progress. I plan to draw more boys, as I tend to draw girls all the time. Also, I'd like to experiment with some digital sketching plus try my hand at some collage -digital and traditional. I figure this will be a great place to try things out!

1 comment:

Gina Perry said...

Sweet sketch. :) It's never too late to start right? I took a long blog break just days from finishing my second round of 21 days so I'll be joining you (at least for a few days!) and will be sure to add you to the list on my blog.