Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on the road again

I have had a long absence from my blog, mostly because I haven't been creating any art. I've been involved with art.. student teaching to get my certification to teach art which was pretty awesome, but not creating my own. I plan to teach high school, middle school, or elementary.. any of those.. I will love it!
Above is a collage I did at a party  of creative women recently led by Johanna Roffino-Hulsey and the party was organized by Johanna and Karen Weiss. It was very freeing and we weren't trying to make anything "perfect"... we were just playing. That evening was the jumpstart I needed to get my creative engine running again. I've begun work on a painting for my new grandson's nursery and also have a couple of other new ideas for paintings to work on. Below are several of the collages done in the class.

I am SOooo excited to be part of Kelly Rae Roberts e-course, Flying Lessons!! Kelly has been an inspiration to me for a LONG time. I've followed her blog and feel like I know her as she shared her successes and ups and downs on her blog. I bought her book as soon as it was published and ordered her calendars and other items. Check out Kelly's blog and her fabulous work here. I can't wait for the e-course to start. It is going to be so WONDERFUL!


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

congrats to you! I wanted to pop in and say "hello" from the Flying Lesson e-course. -Robin

Shalet said...

Here saying hello as well. Glad to see you blogging again. I too am excited for Flying Lessons. See you in class!

jessicajane said...

Hi Bobby-
I recently ran across your blog today from a link on Kelly Rae's e-course and I am so glad that I did...Your work is awesome! I am an aspiring Children's book illustrator originally from the White Rock Lake area of Dallas. I recently moved to Norwalk, Connecticut...missing my Texan art community but looking forward to starting the Children's Book Illustration Course at RISD this summer. I look forward to connecting more with you later, thank you for letting me delight in your work.

Jessica Jane Sublett

carol gourley said...

Hi Bobbie, just figuring out this blog and comment stuff. Thanks for saying hi. I am going to try to be more active in the online course.
nice to meet you

Denise Daffara said...

hey woo hooo on the collage!!!

and thanks for your visit... hey... it's the first time I've been able to receive the comment via my email box so it's very cool to sign in with facebook on KR's comments. just btw xoxo

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Artsy teapot... drinking tea is one of my favourite things in the world haha

love Denise x

suzanna leigh said...

just popped over from Kelly's and was intrigued to see another illustrator. I couldn't find the button to subscribe to your blog though.

Concetta said...

Great self portraits! I am so going to do an art party fro my 40th!!!

Bobbie Dacus said...

Thanks guys for your wonderful comments! I'm having fun visiting your blogs, too!

suzanna leigh said...

Thanks! yours are wonderfully whimsical! I wonder if I can get flickr on my sidebar too.

Amelia said...

I got together with some friends yesterday and learnt some waxing techniques to go with my collage and other mixed media work, really great fun and therepeutic to get together with friends and do this.


fellow flyer :)